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Do You Need Help Planning Your Strategy?
Complete and submit your 4 numbers workbook, your credit assessment authorization, and schedule your Zoom video conference for a on-on-one Velocity Banking coaching session with The Approved Guy.
(Step 1) 4 Numbers Workbook

1. Itemized Debt (Mortgages, Loans, Credit Cards, etc.)

2. Monthly Expenses (Bills Not Debt)

3. Income (Individual and/or Household)

4. Cash Flow (Discretionary Income)

(Step 2) Credit Assessment

If needed as part of your session, I will assess your credit and provide you with strategic feedback and suggestions. To help you improve your credit so you can qualify for the line of credit you need to practice Velocity Banking. mySCOREIQ will provide a 3 bureau FICO report with detailed history for $1 on a 7 day trial. You can cancel it any time.

(Step 3) Schedule Your First Session and Pay

To make most of our time together, please be sure to email me your 4 numbers workbook before scheduling your first coaching session. Email to

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