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Understanding credit may be one of the most important lessons you can learn to take control of your personal and business finances. A person who can really understand and become a master of using credit will always save money, and will always be able to take advantage of all types of perks and benefits that credit can offer if utilized properly. ***Disclaimer: Credit is not for you if you have no self control.


Imagine that you have 800 credit scores and you've applied for a loan or a credit card, which you are 100% confident you are going to get approved for. You get declined! The person or agent helping you can't tell you the reason why because either they don't know themselves or they are not allowed to tell you on the spot, so they tell you instead that you will receive a letter in the mail in 30 days explaining to you why.

What went wrong?

This scenario plays itself out everyday because most consumers assume that all of their personal information is correct and reporting properly to the credit bureaus. This is a common mistake that many people make and unfortunately, it is far from true. The truth is the wrong date of birth, spelling of a name and many other details are common errors that can be easily fixed.

So why wouldn't you just fix it first and then apply?


That is exactly what I practice, preach and teach. I will take the time to analyze your personal and business credit from various lending institutions perspectives. I then show you the way and show you how to become a credit savvy business owner. For you to truly benefit from this program you have to be vested both financially and actively. You have to be prepared to put in the time and work. We can show you the way!


If you are just starting out and you have absolutely no credit value to your profile, I will walk you through the process of establishing and building your personal credit. Once you have formed a business, you will then learn how to establish and build your business credit as well. The knowledge and more importantly application of this knowledge is a game changer.


Once you experience credit freedom, you will have the power and control of your life and your family's life back in your hands. Instead of being at the mercy of an underwriter or an algorithm, you will be able to demand the best terms and rates. I do not teach frivolous spending or irresponsible borrowing. You will learn sound principles of budgeting, saving, overcoming debt, leveraging credit, protecting your assets, investments and future.


Start your journey towards achieving your goals today!

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