My story is very familiar. It's the same story that any business owner or entrepreneur has. Each with its own unique set of variables and circumstances.

It all starts with a with an idea, but not just any idea, it has to be a 

Next comes the planning and goal setting. All of this happens very naturally. The first step leads to the next step almost like someone turning on a faucet of water. Then for every business, it may be at a different time or stage, but the need for funding arrives and so most people do what seems to be the next natural thing. We go and apply at a local bank or from an ad in the mail or on TV and we cross our fingers and hope that we get approved.

The sad reality is...

Too many business owners dreams die in the parking lot of banks!

Something has

to be done!

Something is wrong in the world of business

finance. Something is really wrong...

Someone has to do something about it!

This was the beginning of The Approved Guy!

The first thing I had to do was figure out who all of the players were and their angles. I then found out exactly what they offer and who their ideal client is. I created relationships, partnerships, alliances, agency and affiliation with over 12 types of business financing options. In just 5 minutes after some basic Q & A, I can let most folks know if and what they may qualify for.


I know and understand what is required and if someone can qualify or not and most importantly where and how to properly apply. This valuable information along with overall business funding education, including how to establish and build business credit is extremely valuable information which I provide to all of my clients as well as sound principles for maintaining good personal credit.

This is why and how I became known as The Approved Guy, because I actually help people. I make sure as many details as possible are looked at and considered and then I advise my client on what steps to take to ensure the most favorable outcome. For clients that don't qualify, a road map to funding is provided. The only person I can't get approved is the person that does nothing.



Start achieving your goals today!

The Approved Guy

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